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Fitting Tool Kit

» Correct engineering practice
» Avoids damage to bearings
» Sure & Safe
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Fitting Tool Kit

INVENTUM Bearing Fitting Tool Kit - TIK is the right equipment for mounting small size bearings. The Tool Kit is specially designed to avoid damage to bearing rings while being mounted. The correct combination of Impact Ring and Impact Sleeve will ensure that the mounting forces are evenly distributed over the bearing rings and hence the risk of misalignment and damage to the bearing is eliminated. A nylon - head hammer must be used for impact blows.

Mounting Small bearings :
Small bearings when required to be fitted with interference fit, should be mounted using an Impact Sleeve with an Impact Ring (Fig.1). Direct hammer blows must not be used on bearing rings (Fig.2).


Fig.1: Bearings mounted using Impact Sleeve, a suitable impact Ring, and a nylon-head hammer. Fig.1: Never apply direct blows to the bearing
INVENTUM Fitting Tool Kit - TIK
Consists of 33 pieces of Impact Rings, 5 nos. Impact Sleeves and a nylon-head hammer. In the combination chart given on the earlier page it is evident that almost full range of bearings upto 50 mm bore and 110 mm outer dia can be mounted using the Inventum Fitting Tool Kit - TIK.

This is a versatile and handy equipment and is a must for all workshops and production shops where small bore (upto 50 mm) bearings are used. It can be used to fit bearings on to pumps, motors, fans, impellers, conveyor rollers, machine-spindles, mills, agitators, compressors and in practically any industry which handles rotating machines.

Special features of INVENTUM Fitting Tool Kit - TIK
(1) Impact Sleeves have knurling on the outside surface. This provides a firm grip, so that it does not slip out of hand even if it is greasy or oily.
(2) All parts are manufactured to close dimensional tolerance so as to provide interchangeability with additional components which may be procured later from INVENTUM.
(3) Impact Rings are firmly locked in position in the carrying - case and will not rattle when the box is carried from one location to another.
(4) INVENTUM delivers the Fitting Tool Kit - TIK in an attractive and sturdy sheet metal carrying case. This case is epoxy coated to give a decorative surface which is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The case is provided with industrial quality hinges and latches which are also specially developed by INVENTUM to ensure durability.

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