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Induction Heater-Series HIB
The life of Rolling Bearings and other torque transmitting steel components, which are shrunk-fit on shafts, may get cut short due to rough handling and faulty installation or mounting methods. This can be avoided by expanding them by induction heating for the purpose of mounting.

INVENTUM Induction Heater - Series HIB - is designed to heat the Rolling Bearings and other shrink-fit components prior to mounting.

INVENTUM Induction Heaters - Series HIB - are available in 4 models for use for bearings having bore size 15mm and above.

These 4 models are:

  HIB-01 : Power 3 - 3.5 kVA
  HIB-02 : Power 6 - 8 kVA
  HIB-03 : Power 11 - 13 kVA
  HIB-04 : Power 22 - 25 kVA.

It is the 'light weight' member of Series HIB. It has power capacity of 3-3.5 kVA. The controls are based on solid state electronics.

In HIB-01 the 2 operating modes, viz. Temperature mode and Time mode, are controlled through separate knobs on the Control Panel. These modes are connected in series, and heating cycle stops when either of the modes reaches its preselated value first.

HIB-01 can also be used to heat bearings of larger diameter. For this purpose a pair of Raiser Blocks (size 55 x 55 x 120 mm ) are to be used. The unit can also be used to heat up a plate of any magnetic material by placing the plate in place of the horizontal yoke across the 2 vertical supports.

The 'middle-weight' from Series HIB, it has power capacity of 6-8 kVA.

Its controls are microprocessor based. It weights about 47 kg. and can be easily carried to the site of operation, using special die-cast handle provides on both sides. It can heat a typical bearing of 13 kg. to 100oC in 3 minutes. HIB-02 consists of the main body Induction Heater and a separate handheld HIB Control Box. This HIB Control Box is connected by a 2 meter long cable to the unit and hence the unit can be operated from a convenient location.

1) HIB Control Box gives digital read out of the bearing temperature, when used in Temperature mode.
2) In Time mode it continuously displays the time in 'count-down' manner.
3) Heating power can also be selected at 25%, 50%, 75% aor 100% power as desired.

This 'heavy-weight' of series HIB, has power capacity of 11-B kVA. It has controls similar to HIB-02, which are microprocessor based.

It weights about 85kg. And is thus not practical to be carried around. Hence it is recommended to be placed on a Special Equipment Trolley.

It can heat a bearing of 40 kg to 110oc in about 4 minutes.

Model HIB-03 is provided with Rol-sliding Arrangement for the standard yoke 80x80x490 mm. The Roll-Sliding Arrangement is so designed that the yoke gets lifted mechanically and rolls off from the vertical supports, without rubbing or damaging and scraping mating surfaces. This arrangement provides additional safety, ease of operation and helps improve productivity.

Induction Heater Model 'HIB-04' is the latest addition to the range of 'HIB' Series Induction Heaters manufactured by Inventum. For over a decade Inventum has been supplying 3 models i.e. 'HIB-01' (3-3.5 kVA), 'HIB-02' (6-8 kVA) and "HIB-03' (11-13 kVA) to the industries.

Keeping in view the special requirement of a few important customers, Inventum has now developed the Model 'HIB-04' (22-25 kVA unit) to heat larger size bearings and other components having mass upto 600 kgs.

In Model "HIB-04' the Electronic controls of the equipment permit continuous monitoring of ongoing process parameters. All the process parameters are set, controlled, and displayed on a LCD Display Unit, which also provides control features. The LCD Display Unit also gives digital readout of the bearing temperature/heating time.

Technical Specifications :
Product Data
. . . .
3 - 3.5 kVA
6 - 8 kVA
11 - 13 kVA
22 - 25 kVA
. . . .
Nominal Current
15-16 A
16-18 A
28-30 A
58-60 A
Auto Demagnetising Cycle
Residual Magnetism
< 2 A/cm
< 2 A/cm
< 2 A/cm
< 2 A/cm
Power Levels
100%, 50%
Variable in steps of 25%,50%,75% and 100% Power
Time Control
0.5 - 6.0 minutes Continious
0 to 99 minutes, adjustable in steps of 0.1 minutes
Space Between Vertical Supports (W×H)
Overall Dimensions
( W×D×H)
Weight ( Main unit only)
26 Kgs
47 Kgs
87 Kgs
350 Kgs
Special Equipment Trolley
Hydraulic Pallet Trolley
Weight of Components/Bearings
30 Kgs
80 Kgs
120 Kgs
600Kgs Bearings, 300Kgs Couplings
Temperature Range
60°C to 120°C
50°C to 250°C, Using Microprocessor Based Circuit Adjustable in steps of 1°C with ± 5°C accuracy
Swivel Arm
Sliding Arrangement Standard
Sliding Arrangement Standard
Housing Material
Impact Resistant FRP, coated with special heat and scratch resistant PU paint.
Sturdy sections of Stainless Steel.
Warranty Period
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
Can heat Sealed Bearings
Thermal overload Protection
Number of Standard Yokes

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