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Induction Heater Series  'HIR'



  Technical Specifications  

Induction Heater Series  'HIR'

Inventum Induction Heater Model HIR-25/40 is specially designed to dismount and mount the Inner Races of Cylindrical Roller Bearings used on the Axles of Railway Rolling Stock and in Traction Motors. The equipment can also be used for similar applications by other industries.

Inventum Induction Heater Models HIR-25/40 are safe, fast and energy saving alternatives to other methods of heating inner races of cylindrical roller bearings.

When a job is heated with the induction coil it acquired magnetism strong enough to attract iron particles, iron dust etc. To deal with this phenomenon, it is necessary to eliminate the residual magnetism after heating. The design of Inventum Induction Heater Models HIR-25/40 permits fast demagnetisation by use of the heating coil itself. The Induction Coil can be used for demagnetisation as well as heating.

When Alternating Current (A.C) flows through a coil wound around a component, it creates an oscillating magnetic field which induces current in the component. The magnetic field takes the path of least resistance and also due to the skin effect, the outer periphery of the component gets heated more rapidly than the core.

Based on the above principle, a ring shrunk fitted on the shaft will get heated more rapidly causing a temperature differential between the tow. The difference in the temperature will cause the ring to expand to a stage it overcomes interference and can be dismounted easily.

Line frequency Induction Heater for extraction and mounting of Inner races of Cylindrical Roller Bearings and labyrinth rings used on Railway Rolling Stock Axles & Traction Motors etc.
Model : Inventum Induction Heater Model 'HIR-25/40'
Power Supply : Voltage : 440V 10%, 50Hz 10%
Nominal Current : 60 Amps. (25 KVA)
                          90 Amps. (40 KVA)
Out Put Voltage & Current : Voltage : 40 - 60 V.
Current : 500 amp.(max.) at 50V. (25 KVA),
               800 amp.(max.) at 50V.(40KVA).
Capacity : 25 KVA / 40 KVA
Rating : 100% continuous.

Forced Air Cooling of the Mains transformer and the coolant.
Forced Feed Cooling of the Induction Coil.

Coil Insulation :-
Fiber glass reinforced (B class) hermetically Sealed.

Extraction :-
Built-in spring loaded leer operated pools.

Heating mode : Temperature and Time (as per selection) mode.
Temperature Controls : 0 to 250 o C (max.) using microprocessor based controls adjustable in steps of
1o C. Sensing Accuracy 5o C.
Time Controls : 0 to 9.99 minutes adjustable in steps of 0.01 minute.
Accuracy 2%.

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